Danish Open in Rabbit Hopping

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The Rabbit Club of Horsens are looking forward to welcome
you to Danish Open in Rabbit Hopping in the Whitsun 2018.

Provisional program

Saturday, May 19:

  • 08:30: Welcome
  • 08:45: Elite crooked
  • 12:00: Difficult crooked
  • 14:15: Medium crooked
  • 17:15: Common Dinner
  • 18:00: High jump

Sunday, May 20:

  • 08:30: Difficult straight
  • 10:30: Medium straight
  • 13:30: Long jump
  • 16:00: Easy crooked
  • 19:15: Common Dinner

Monday, May 21:

  • 08:30: Elite straight
  • 11:45: Easy straight
  • 13:30: Packing and cleanup (while the last results are calculated)
  • 14:30: Award ceremony


Practical information
Arrival Friday 19:00-22:00 and Saturday 07:30-08:30.
The place and address is Gedvedhallen, Kirkevej 16, 8751 Gedved, Denmark.
The starting fee is 20 DKK (2.7 €) per start. Cage price 20 DKK (2.7 €) per cage. No other than the registered rabbits may be brought unless otherwise agreed with the organizer. Only 1 rabbit per cage. No other animal species may be brought. Participants must bring their own feed, bowls and hay for the rabbits.
All straight and crooked classes will have 2 courses, where first run is taken on course 1 and second run is taken on course 2.
Starting height for high jump is 55 cm. Starting length for long jump is 100 cm.

Registration no later than 20 April at tilmelding.kaninhop.dk/DanishOpen2018 – the registration is binding. After signing up, you will receive a notification of payment.
If you are attending from a foreign club, please fill in 0 as “Medlemsnr.” and “Anden” as “Forening” on the registration form – and if your rabbits are not registered in the Danish Hopregister just write 0 in the “Startbogsnr.” column. Rasmus Bjerner will contact you afterwards to have your rabbits registered in the system (it is free for foreign rabbits participating in Denmark).

The participating rabbits must be vaccinated according to their home country's vaccination rules.

Sponsors and stands
If you would like a stand and / or wish to be a sponsor at the event, we would love to hear from you. You are welcome to contact us via DanishOpen2018.kaninhop.dk

Questions can be asked to Rasmus Bjerner via the website or on phone +45 25 31 93 09 (after 5 PM).


We are looking forward to seeing you :-)
The Rabbit Club of Horsens
(Horsens og Omegns Kaninavlerforening)